Dildos & Vibrators


Dildos and vibrators are a necessity for women and gay men to have in their bedside table. We’re all into experiencing undeniable pleasures - whether during solo play or introducing a plastic friend into the real-deal, with your partner. If you’re looking for dildos online, or a vibrator to buy online, you’ve sure come to the right place. At Melting Pleasures, we are a dildo store based in the UK - offering a range of dildos and vibrators in all shapes, designs, colours and settings.

Whether you’re unfamiliar, or are experienced with dildos and vibrators, we sure have the range to cater for all needs and keep you occupied for hours of fun! Whether you’re looking for a standard 6 inch or 7 inch dildo or vibrator, or something more challenging such as a 15 inch dildo and 18 inch dildos, our range caters for all of these with our range of sex toy dildo vibrators online.

Texture is also something to explore when it comes to buying dildos and vibrators online. We also stock textured and ribbed dildos and vibrators for you to experience.

Some of our dildos and vibrators include - double dildos, glass dildos, mini vibrators and long dildos. Browse our full range of dildo toys online and order your favourite today. All of our deliveries are fully discreet (plain packaging.) Your sex life is secret with us.