Beginners Guide to Prostate Massagers - What are they and what do they do?

Introducing Prostate Massagers & why you need to explore the P-Spot 

The prostate is also known as P-Spot is a chestnut size gland located between the penis and bladder and can be stimulated via the anus. P-spot is the equivalent to how a Vagina has a G-Spot. When stimulated correctly P-Spot can cause full-body orgasms and with the added motivation or vibration can cause orgasms hands-free. 

Prostate massagers are specifically designed to find the P-Spot and stimulate it most effectively, with many prostate massagers having taped tips to ease insertion as well as a rounded head that’s curved, to arouse the right spot each time. This is why we recommend getting one and experiencing the sensation yourselves. 

When it comes to prostate massagers, bigger can be better for beginners. The reason for this is that the bigger the prostate massager the easier it is to find the P-Spot. However, on the other hand, prostate massagers with smaller heads can give a more intensified experience. However, it may be harder to find the P-Spot at first. But when you do it will definitely be worth it!

Beginners Guide to using a prostate massager 

The P-spot can be stimulated via the anus and is located between the penis and bladder. When aroused the P-Spod expands, so be sure to have some fun with yourself or foreplay to make it easier to hit the right spot. 

The two easiest ways to hit the P-Spot is to be on your back with your legs up or to be on your knees with your upper body led against the bed or sofa. You can start by inserting a finger covered with lubed, around 2 inches up the anus and you will be able to feel the P-Spot, you know you hit the P-Spot as it will feel different from the rest of your rectum. 

Once you’re happy with where it is located you can then lube up your prostate messenger as well as your anus and insert the prostate massager slowly and gently until you have hit the right spot. To enhance the experience you can add pressure or use an up and down motion to stimulate the prostate massager. If you are using a vibrating one you can intensify the vibration setting to suit your desire needs. You may also want to clench and relax your muscles while the prostate massager is in and allow it to stimulate you to create a hands-free orgasm - or you may want to incorporate other sex toys to maximise pleasure. 

If this is your first time with anal play be sure to use extra lube as you can never have enough, and it will ease the process. If at any time you feel pain or discomfort, remove the prostate massage and take a break before trying again. It’s good to relax and calm when having anal play so don’t feel like you need to rush. Like all type of sex toys, it’s all about experimenting and finding the perfect toys for your body. 

To vibrate or not to vibrate? 

Vibrating prostate massagers are great at stimulating the P-Spot hands-free and with some, you are able to adjust the vibration intensity to maximum pleasure and prolong the climax with intervals or maximum and minimum vibrations. For example, the Black Lelo Hugo Luxury Prostate Massager comes with a wireless remote which allows the user to adjust the vibration easily, or allow a partner to take control and dominate the fun for you. 

While non-vibrating prostate massagers can offer more control for you to manually stimulate your P-Spot to your own liking and put you in full control. Many of them have handles or joysticks designed to help manoeuvre the prostate messenger. Check out the Nexus Ultra Si Prostate Massager, which also has a perineum massager combined to enhance the orgasm. 

Or why not combine both a cock ring and prostate massager with the OptiMale Duo CRing And Prostate Massager, having both, you can experience a thicker erection as well as an enhanced orgasm which could produce your biggest load to date. 

We’re all for trying anal play here at Melting Pleasures. Go ahead and browse our range of prostate massagers today, and order your favourite to try. Whether you are just a beginner at prostate massagers or are looking for something for more intermediate use, we have the range for everyone.

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