How To Use Large Dildos & Fist Dildos

Larger Dildos and fist shaped dildos can sound pleasurable to some of those who are more advanced in bedroom play. When you’re ready to explore, be sure to read our recommendations below on how to enjoy extra large dildos - including length, girth, boots, fists and more.

If you’re someone looking to enhance bedroom play and think you’re ready to take on an extra-large dildo or fist, you have come to the right place. Here are some recommendations to ensure to maximise comfortability and joyfulness, whilst exploring larger than average dildos. Whether it's longer in length, or is a girthy dildo to stretch and fill, we are all for going into unknown territory, but safely. Extra large dildos are popular as they can be very satisfying and leave you with a fulfilled feeling.

Some people raise concerns that larger dildos will stretch them permanently and leave them “loose” - but this is generally not the case. Most elasticity will be regained within a day or two of use.

Make sure its clean

The bigger the dildo, the more internal areas it's going to be exploring, before you begin anything please make sure that the extra large dildo is clean. Even if it’s brand new, it’s still worth a thorough wash with hot soapy water or sex toy cleaner.

Extra lube

Don’t be scared of using too much lube. Unlike most dildos, extra large dildos and fists are going to stretch your body in ways so much more than normal dildos. We recommend using lube and plenty of it to help you whilst exploring what orgasms and pleasure giant dildos can give you. 

Stretching sensations

Unlike normal dildos, we all know giant dildos, fists, boots and more are here to let you explore sensations that aren't gained using standard dildos and vibrators. Once you’re in, the playtime begins! Whether you’re exploring twisting the giant dildos, or thrusting in and out, experiment to find out what you enjoy and what is most comfortable for you - just remember to go slow and go with what your body is telling you.

Fist dildos are also products in the range of giant dildos. People often use fist dildos to gain a sense of “fullness”, which is a feeling some people crave. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you. If you start to feel any pain or discomfort, please stop. It may be that the larger dildos are not for you just yet.  

Slow, steady and progress

It’s always important to start small and work your way up - especially with dildos. Going from standard size dildos to something bigger including extra large dildos needs to be a gradual process. Your body needs time to adjust and get ready for an extra long or extra wide and girthy dildo. Always remember to listen to what your body is telling you and never force something as this is how you can damage yourself.

Last, but not least… enjoy. Exploring unknown territory should be fun and pleasurable. Just be cautious so you don't damage yourself with the use of extra large dildos.

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