Turn Up The Usual Dog Walk With tech sex Toys

How to have sexual fun outside...

When it’s nice outside and you’ve been out in the garden, day drinking with your partner and you then go on a nice stroll around the park or fields and enjoy the beautiful nature. This tends to be the point where kinky couples might want to become more involved with nature and bring it back to caveman days where having sex outside was socially acceptable. However, in 2021 it’s not so much. So how can you get a little frisky outdoors and get away with it? I mean you can just whip out a penis and get on your knees in the middle of a field where people take their dogs for a walk, or family get out of the house just to burn off their kid’s energy so they fall asleep at 9 pm when it’s still light outside.

The solution is in technology

Yes, that’s correct technology, and no we’re not talking about invisible cloaks or robots that give you oral while your parent is on the lookout. Instead, we mean sex toys that can be controlled wirelessly and making outdoor sexual fun, just as fun as the indoors - without even having to take your clothes off. 

Incorporating technology into sex is now becoming more accessible with loads of new sex toys which integrate Bluetooth and remote controls so that you and your partner can have fun outside, but yet to anyone else you look like you’re minding your own business, doing nothing naughty at all. 

That’s why we have suggested some products and ideas for you to try out and get the thrill of knowing you’re being naughty without anyone knowing it. And who says you have to try this with a partner, why not just be naughty on your own and walk around with a smirk on your face knowing that your downstairs are tingling, while the dog’s chasing a stick. 

Tech Sex Toys for vaginas

If you are and your partner are going for a walk why not use the Remote Control Love To Love Double Stimulator Wonderlove, to stimulate the clitoris and g-spot. Give your partner the remote and let him take control of your sexual needs. Make it into a game and see how wet they can make you before you tell them to stop and expose yourself to your cheeky antics.

Satisfyer App Enabled Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator Wine Red is the perfect sex toy for you if you’re paranoid someone will know you’re wearing a sex toy. With a built-in magnet to go in between your underwear and the toy, you have no worry about getting caught while you enjoy the sensational feeling on your clitoris, and with whisper-quiet vibration, you could even wear it on an aeroplane and no one will know. Just remember to take it off before security or you might be put aside for a full body search. 

Tech sex toys for penises 

Remote control sex toys ain’t just for toys that be inserted into the body, Satisfyer App Enabled Strong One Cock Ring Blue is an app-controlled cock ring. Get your partner to download the app and sync the two together and see how quick it takes you to hide your erection in public. 

Tech sex toys for anal play

If you want double penetration incorporate the Mr Play Rotation Beads Anal Plug, and make it a whirlwind of a good time. You might find it a struggle to walk in a straight line while it’s on as you feel the sensation of the rotating beads and vibration pulsing through you.  Unlike non-remote butt plugs that have a button at the bottom to control the vibration, this one is flat so you can sit down and let your partner surprise you when you least expect it. 

So why not take the plunge and browse a selection of tech sex toys and turn the average dog walk into something you’ll only be begging to go on a whole lot more!!

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